Made with Pico-8 for Ludum Dare 41: "Combine 2 Incompatible Genres". Here we go for match-4 (think Puyo Puyo) and platform mechanics.

Just use left & right keys to move, up to jump, and C to push tiles.

Press Enter for some help:

  • Stuck on current level? Choose "Restart level"!
  • Oh, you meant "Stuck" like "This level is too difficult"? Choose "Next level"!
  • Want more levels, graphics, visual effects, music? Sorry folks, that all I could do in 3 days! But who can be sure there won't be any post-jam version? Nobody. Not even me.


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Great game! Though some of the puzzles were a bit beyond me, the ones I could manage were very satisfying.

Some people on the forums are trying to get a game rating weekly event going and I nominated yours, since I didn't rate it on during the jam:

Hey, thanks, that's very kind of you!

The difficulty ramps up quite quickly indeed, although you can skip any level with Enter key. I wish I had more time for more progressive levels.


Great little game Gregory!
Really makes you stop and think about how to play each level.
Also love the cute player character (and jump sfx)
Gongrats and Good luck! :D