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to start doing the game, just make the pointer be on a black line under the button and then wait while the pointer will get into other place.

an additional meme

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what is play bowser


One of the stuff l'm most proud of finding on

l played this 2 years ago, it's still amazing :D


what is the point of this ga- WAIT WHAT

do it really use your space


coool game


I found a little problem: Just Push the Button - Game made by Gregory Beal - YouTube

The game was amazing! Extremely original and interesting idea!


Erh... well, yes. Typical from (my) jam games with so little time to test :D. Thanks for the vid! And indeed it's a game I'd really like to go back to and make a better version.


This was awesome! I hope you do add the 'currently unimplemented' features in!


ok you know that scene where you can fall down and it sends you back up to the top? i used that to glitch to the end of the game


Yeah me too and I kinda thought that was the right way to end the game?? I didn't really find another way so ummmm...0-0



Dear developer, when i finished tutorial functions and i then finished maze and i clicked button then screen went pink and nothing happened.

you beat the game


Dear developer, i do not know what it mean inherit option.


Dear developer, magic is forbidden. I am christian. Jesus say to eat him in church to have eternal life. God bless you. Game is looking cute.


I'm stuck on the "press enter to go to last checkpoint". Enter just opens up a menu to either continue or restart the cart.



The ability to respawn on closest checkpoint has to be activated ingame. Maybe you haven't found the right function yet ;)


I also can't see any stats, am I doing something wrong? I learnt the skills, but nothing happened. I'm really confused.


I watched a video from below this comment, it seems that i'm supposed to press right, and confirm "yes" but there wasn't really an indicator that you had to do that.


There were several indicators

why are you replying to a 2 year old comment

there's a likely chance that the creator of the game has created more indicators since I posted my own comments


you have to use the arrow keys to enable it


The loud noise at the end scared me but otherwise the game was really simple and fun, I recommend playing it.

Unbelievable! This game really caught me off-guard and grew and grew and grew! If this isn't a winner, I don't know what is. 

Added to the list for tonight's stream on twitch. 5:30-8:30 pm eastern US time

Very cool idea. Would love to play it again once you have some of the other functions implemented. Exploring and finding new abilities is great fun.

This is an incredibly clever idea! Props to you, and I hope you win!!! Do you plan to continue implementing new concepts, or is this going to be it?

Thank you! I'm actually still working on it for a post-jam version. The levels here were a bit rushed because of the lack of time, but there sure is better to do, and I had a lot of fun making this game. A lot more functions were planned to work too but couldn't make it before the deadline. For example it would have been possible to set a better pointer movement. So, stay tuned!




Thanks! You're right, I lacked time to fix that pointer ease-out. That's also why you have a "I ease out pointer..." function in-game, but I couldn't branch it in time!